NCATA Collaboration Achievements

Kevin King
Public Relations Co-Chairperson

The fortitude and virtue of the North Carolina Athletic Trainers’ Association is illustrated in our organization ability to secure affiliations with like missions and collaborate with organizations and community institutions.  By connecting with these groups, Athletic Trainers are able to huddle small amounts of funding and personnel into programs that promote Athletic Training, Clinicians and our interest protecting our patient population. 

This year, we continue to cultivate our collaboration that address issues vital to athletic trainers and our patient population.  Hopeful this article will discuss benefits of these efforts and encourage our members to avoid silos as we discuss a few of our collaborations and partners.

Omar Carter Foundation

The Omar Carter Foundation mission is to advocate, empower and serve our communities through CPR and AED education, CV screening, teaching the principles of CV prevention and leading athletes and their families to healthier lives.

This innovated partnership has resulted in the following:

AED training and CPR awareness at Athletic Training events (such as the Discovery Place Museum Event and Memorial Tree Dedication)

A Platform and Access to large community events (Charlotte’s SouthPark Mall- Community Awareness Day)

Assistant with Pursuit of Grant to Service Unserved Schools with AEDs and Athletic Training Services


Upcoming Event:
Community Awareness Day
Charlotte, NC // South Park Mall- Microsoft Store
July 20th 10 AM till 3:00 PM
Interested: Contact Kevin King-


The North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame

The North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame commemorates and memorializes exceptional accomplishments in sports for the inspiration and enjoyment of all North Carolinians, especially the youth, through popular exhibits and educational displays.  

This partnership is expanding the reach of Athletic Training through programs promoting Athletic Training History in North Carolina, signage in the museum educating visitors about the profession and people and representation at the annual Hall of Fame induction event.

Upcoming Event in Development:
An educational event at Hall of Fame next year.  Please contact Kevin King, if you are interested in participating.

Discovery Place Museum

The Discovery Place Museum has a network of four hands-on museums in three different cities, educational outreach programs and professional development for pre K - 12 teachers throughout the region.  The group aspires to be at the forefront of transforming the way science, technology and nature are explored and learned to inspire dreams, raise aspirations and motivate people of all ages to develop a lifelong love of learning

The NCATA was able to hold its second annual Science of Sports / Athletic Training Day at the Discovery Place Museum in Uptown Charlotte.  It was a daylong event utilizing Athletic Trainers, students and others to educate the public about the role of Athletic Trainers in various aspects of healthcare / sports medicine, examining the resources and issues in sports medicine. 



North Carolina Personalities

Miss North Carolina USA

The NCATA has worked with the Miss North Carolina USA for the past 4 years.  Each of these title holders has shared their time and visited our conference and/or athletic training events throughout the state of North Carolina.  This past year, Miss North Carolina USA 2018, Caelynn Miller-Keys was able to speak athletic trainers on the USS North Carolina Battleship at an athletic trainer advocacy event.  She earned First Runner Up for Miss USA!

Governmental Partnerships

With the demand for legislate bills and considerations, protection of licensure and the pursuit professional reimbursement opportunities, Athletic Trainers are keenly aware of the need to develop and educate lawmaking and governmental allies.  These individuals need to work with us and know who we are and what we do.  Recently, the NCATA has been able to collaborate with the following government officials:


North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper, had a video recorded, in which, he praises the efforts   athletic trainers during National Athletic Trainers Month.


Wilmington Mayor, Bill Saffo, had a video created welcoming attendees to the North Carolina Athletic Trainers’ Association Business Meeting and Symposium


US Senator Thom Tillis honored the request of the North Carolina Athletic Trainers Association and had a flag flow over the US Capitol in recognition of the student-athletes that have died in North Carolina participating in athletics. 

North Carolina State Senator Jeff Jackson participated in our Memorial Tree Dedication in Charlotte last Fall.  He shared his thoughts about the importance of appropriate healthcare for our student-athlete. 

North Carolina Representative Harry Warren also participated in our Memorial Tree Dedication in Charlotte last Fall.  He spoke to the assembled group about the value of protecting youth and the importance of healthcare.

North Carolina Department of Transportation is working with the NCATA to secure specialty license plates.




A Few of our Continued Partnerships

North Carolina High School Athletic Association

North Carolina High School Athletic Directors Association




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